School Sex Education: A kids Manipulating Engine

School Sex Education: A kids Manipulating Engine

New report outlines how sex education is pushing the limits in sexualizing, manipulating our kids at school

A discovery from a preeminent family advocacy group extensively documents the radical, explicit content and significant changes that have occurred in public schools nationwide regarding comprehensive sex education.

The Family Research Council released on Friday a new report, called “Sex Education in Public Schools: Sexualization of Children and LGBT Indoctrination,” which describes how sex education is practiced in public schools, and why parents ought to be wary and concerned.

The FRC report also reveals how contemporary sex-ed curricula advance how minors can receive abortions and hide it from their parents so they never have to know, how students are pressed to declare themselves LGBT “allies,” and how it accelerates the transgender claim that they might have been “born in the wrong body.”

“Well-funded international influence groups have been extraordinarily successful in pushing agenda-driven curricula that sexualize children and promote a malicious ‘sexual rights’ ideology among youth.

School systems are dedicating notable classroom time to these programs — 70 classroom hours per child in some cases — even while American public schools are failing to fulfill their core mission,” Cathy Ruse, FRC senior fellow, and director of human dignity said in a statement about the new report.

“Today’s sex education lessons can be extremely manipulative — meticulously outlined to mold children to approve of the concept of sexual rights and fluid sexual ‘identities,’ and to renounce their religious beliefs, the authority of their parents, and even concrete reality itself.”

Sex Education: An Abortion Giant Push Wrapped In A Concrete LGBTQ Identities To Mold Children To Approve Of The Concept

The new report explains how education has enhanced indoctrination and how school administrators and board leaders have declared themselves as the authorities over parental disputes regarding sexuality.

“Consider the emergence of no-opt-out laws and policies that deny the right of parents to opt their children out of sexuality-based education. California and Illinois have taken this drastic step,” Ruse observes in the report.

“When Illinois parents began retaining their kids home during LGBTQ Week (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning), the school board vice president proposed not notifying parents when it would occur: ‘Not telling people the time of the curriculum is an option.’”

The report also highlights the role of major players like abortion giant Planned Parenthood and the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S. representative exert in shaping young minds and sexualizing children with extreme content.

SIECUS is one of the preeminent groups stirring sex ed and has lately rebranded its messaging with an overt “Sex Ed for Social Change” aim. In addition to conducting abortions, in one of Planned Parenthood’s sex education curricula named “Get Real,” 7th graders are guided on how to include grocery store polyethylene cling wrap as a dental dam to perform oral sex.

Ruse commented, “Even if parents identify problematic teachings in sex ed and succeed to opt their kids out, that won’t shield them from sex propaganda surrounding their kids everywhere in the school, and in the halls, in history class, on the calendar, and in the library.

“As parents, we should emphasize on attaining the best for our children. Requiring risk avoidance-based sex ed, filing comprehensive opt-out letters annually, and attending every school board meeting is one of few proactive ways that parents can utilize to let their schools know that they are conscious, they are monitoring, and they are prepared to act.” She advised.

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Sex Education: A kids Manipulating Engine

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