The 3S, 4H, And 4P Bishop Moussa Brilliant 40 Serving Christ

The 3S, 4H, And 4P Bishop Moussa Brilliant 40 Serving Christ

Brilliant Coptic Bishop Moussa Celebrate 40 Serving Christ

Honoring “The Ever Bishop For Youth” 40 Years Of Service started with a 2019 tweet by Archbishop Angaelos asserting “Blessed to welcome to London a dear father of the

Coptic Orthodox Church, the Ever-Bishop-For-Youth @AnbaMoussa, inspiring and mentoring generations for over 40 years; advanced in years, but with an evergreen approach to graciously presenting the lived message of Christ to all.

Beloved Anbaa Moussa, you have done so much for the kingdom and youth of God worldwide! We are so thrilled to appreciate your hard work and the many years of excellent service you have given. Your achievements have well spoken for thee and are yet speaking through the many youth lives you’ve touched while laboring Christ vineyard! Your sons and daughter @COPTICNN

May the Lord continue to shower you with his favorite blessings as you advance in God’s calling!! You are precious to us!

Bishop Moussa: From Dr. Emile Aziz To First Bishop For Youth

Born Emile Aziz on 30 November 1938, he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in 1966. He served as an ordained deacon, focusing on youth ministry in Beni Sweif under the auspices of the departed Metropolitan Athanasius.

In 1975, he became Father Angellos El-Baramousy. And, in 1978, Pope Shenouda III ordained him Chori Episcopos.

Bishop Moussa: Glory Years With Jesus

Later, On 25 May 1980, His Holiness Pope Shenouda III ordained His Grace Bishop Moussa as the first Bishop for Youth. It was Pentecost Sunday, and it marked the inception of a golden era for youth ministry in the Coptic Orthodox Church.

In 1989, His Holiness Pope Shenouda III entrusted His Grace Bishop Moussa to conduct yearly conventions across Europe, Canada, the USA, and Australia. These conventions have left an indelible impression on the spirit and lives of thousands of youth.

His Holiness Pope Shenouda III appointed Bishop Moussa to attend several ecumenical conferences such as WCC Assembly in Canberra in 1991, the MECC Assembly in Cyprus in 1990, 1994, and 1998.

Bishop Moussa served on the Oriental Orthodox World Alliance of Reformed Churches Dialogue between 1996-2001.

He served on the steering committees of Oriental Orthodox Patriarch (of the Middle East) Annual meeting since 1998 with the late Metropolitan Bishoy.

In 1995, Bishop Moussa established the Youth Leaders Centre. With over 2000 youth servants have graduated in the past 40 years.

In 1996, The Word, for youth servants, a bimonthly magazine was published at the inspirational leadership of His Grace Bishop Moussa.

In 2020, over 500,000 people participated in the annual competitions “My Church: Spirit and Life”, from Egypt and abroad.

Bishop Moussa: From 3Ss And 4Hs to 4Ps

For many of us, Bishop Moussa’s disciplined “Three Ss” marked a key to a victorious spiritual life. “A spiritual father, a spiritual program, and a spiritual atmosphere.” Similarly, the “4H” was unique in content and structure: “Be healthy, happy, holy and heavenly”.

To servants, Bishop Moussa highlighted the four Ps: Prayer, Preparation, Participation, and Personal Touch, which are the keys to having a fruitful youth ministry.

On marriage, he emphasized “Pray a lot, think a lot, feel little and seek spiritual direction”

Bishop Moussa focused on developing and nourishing the body, mind, and spirit. His tender and open personality, united with his active spirit, has reached and influenced the lives of many Egyptians.

And with the inception of, covering a wealth of suitable material for youth and servants, The Youth Bishop successfully attained to all the youth through multimedia resources.

Many youths, servants, monks, nuns, and priests were disciplined by the love and personal touch of His Grace Bishop Moussa.

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The 3S, 4H, and 4P Bishop Moussa Brilliant 40 Serving Christ

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