Bishop Anba Ermia | Denying the Right to Life ~ Beautiful Egypt #349
Photo Credit To H.G. Bishop Anba Ermia

Bishop Anba Ermia | Denying the Right to Life ~ Beautiful Egypt #349

Denying the Right to Life | In the previous article we talked about man who ruined the meaning of freedom when he mixed it with his deadly desire to be like God, thus his quest and attempts to control all the people and their rights to live. We gave examples from the memory of history, on its shameful pages: like Nero the tyrant, the Armenian Massacres, the Holocaust and the World War in which millions of innocent lives were lost.

However those brutal images are not the method followed nowadays in order to control people’s lives and deny their rights to live or their dehumanization and objectification (which meant turning them into objects without a will). A new method emerged which attempts the possession of knowledge and modern technology that allows a dreamer to gather data and information about each individual throughout the globe; by that he thinks that he is like God!!!

Martin Heidegger, the German Philosopher (1889-1976) who witnessed the scourges of wars expressed his deep worries towards the future of humanity with all of what he witnessed from murdering and destruction; warning people from the danger of technological development and emphasizing on the importance of its codifying and calling for a constitution that rules the relation between man and the technological development.

As for the attempts of denying humans from their rights to live, which is expressed through the technological laboratories of the biological war; which reached the ability of putting substances into the vaccinations which might lead to: slow death or infecting people and upcoming generations with a certain disease, or weakening the ability of the brain, or infertility, or weakening the human immunity with the purpose of controlling the number of the inhabitants on Earth.

A group of people believe that it is a must to perform a kind of deceleration in the development of inhabitants worldwide; reasoning that for as much as people are few in number, their lives would be longer and better especially that there are limited resources on Earth and that’s why its inhabitants must be reduced!!

Even if that was achieved through ethnic cleansing for some societies which are named as the Third World, or survival for the fittest through getting rid of the weak who are considered a huge burden on the capabilities of the countries!!! They see that this can’t be achieved unless by research and developing the biological science field that affects the life of humans.

Many writers and scholars mentioned the accelerated development of the researches of “Genomics” as a branch of Genetics related to the study of the Genome which means the genetic material into different living organisms; for the purpose of defining the DNA strains sequence and drawing the accurate maps for the Genome to achieve the DNA change in the living organisms whether humans, or animals, or plants.

Sir Martin Rees, the British cosmologist and astrophysicist warned in his book “Our Final Hour”, released in 2003, from the greater and spectacular development of the biological technologies that might lead to a great pandemic, and so to a disaster.

Rees sees that genetic engineering deadly viruses are the greatest danger that threatens humanity; as it is possible that something might go wrong in the equipments made by man, or during the usage of genetic engineering to change the nature of humans.

Rees also defined 2020 as the year that a biological mistake will occur and shall cause the death of million people!! He mentioned that this is all with the planning of the wicked “a biological terrorism”, with the alliance between the politicians and the scientists, or due to a human error. Moreover, creating deadly bacteria and viruses will be available between a large number of people who might be corrupted and wicked. Thus this knowledge will be used incorrectly and this by its turn will lead to huge disasters in human lives due to the wrong usage of Biochemistry.

As for the other side of lethal knowledge, is to achieve controlling over the human thoughts, beliefs, affiliations, and their behavior through…

Stories about Beautiful Egypt never end!

H.G. Anba Ermia
General Bishop
Head of the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center

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Bishop Anba Ermia | Denying the Right to Life ~ Beautiful Egypt #349 | H.G. Bishop Anba Ermia ~

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