Aussie Chloe McCardel Spared Quarantine Following World Record-breaking Channel Swim
Photo Credit To AFP | Australian Swimmer Chloe McCardel

Aussie Chloe McCardel Spared Quarantine Following World Record-breaking Channel Swim

Australian swimmer Chloe McCardel, Pictured here in 2013, swam the English Channel for the 35th time on Sunday

An Australian marathon swimmer on Sunday became the second woman to break the men’s record for number of Channel crossings — and avoided new UK quarantine rules on French arrivals on her return.

“I feel so elated to have finished that swim and to surpass the men’s world record. Australian swimmer Chloe McCardel said.

Chloe McCardel, from Sydney, completed her 35th swim across the world’s busiest shipping lane after emerging on the northern French shoreline in the early hours of Sunday.

The 35-year-old said she had been given the all-clear by UK coastguards that she would not have to self-isolate on her return to England later in the day. Britain imposed a 14-day quarantine rule on all travellers from France and several other countries from early Saturday, following a surge in coronavirus cases on the continent.

Chloe McCardel Breaks Briton Kevin Murphy Records

McCardel, whose previous feats include the world’s longest unassisted ocean swim in 2014, finished her latest 21-mile Channel crossing in 10 hours and 40 minutes. It was her fourth swim across the waterway in the past 16 days.

Briton Kevin Murphy holds the men’s record of 34 cross-Channel swims, while the overall record remains the 43 crossings completed by Alison Streeter, dubbed the “Queen of the English Channel”. “I’m so happy to have finished my 35th crossing,” McCardel said. “I feel so elated to have finished that swim and to surpass the men’s world record. “It was a harder swim that I imagined… There are definite aches and pains, so it was a tough day in the office but super happy to finally hit 35.”

In 2016, Chloë was inducted into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame as its youngest member, and awarded the International Marathon Swimmer of the Year ‘Poseidon Award’. Chloë was awarded these for her 2015 triple non-stop crossing of the English Channel (36hrs 12min) and an unprecedented three crossings in one week, only one month prior to the triple crossing. In 2015, Chloë was also awarded the 2015 Marathon Swimmers Federation ‘Solo Swim of the Year (Female)’ for the triple crossing. In addition, Chloë was awarded the 2014 MSF ‘Solo Swim of the Year (Female)’ for her 124.4km World Record swim in the Bahamas. The Channel Swimming Association has awarded Chloë 19 awards and plates for her English Channel achievements.

About Chloe McCardel

Chloë McCardel is pushing the boundaries of marathon swimming and what the human mind and body can achieve. Described as the greatest endurance athlete on the planet, the greatest ultra-marathon swimmer in history, an inspiration and role model, Chloë aims to achieve the impossible.

Chloe McCardel | 2017

In 2017, Chloë attempted what is widely considered the greatest endurance challenge – the 136km quadruple non-stop crossing of the English Channel. This had never been attempted previously, let alone completed. While unsuccessful on her first attempt, Chloë completed her third double crossing of the English Channel. Chloë does not see this attempt as a ‘failure’ but rather a step closer to achieving this incredible feat. It has provided her with an opportunity to learn more and find ways to improve. Chloë still believes a quadruple crossing of the English Channel is possible and is inspired to dramatically alter the perception of what the human mind and body can achieve in such harsh, inhospitable conditions.

Chloe McCardel | 2016

In 2016, Chloë crossed the English Channel eight times, breaking the World Record for completed crossings in one season. This also gave her the Australian Record of 21 crossings of the English Channel, breaking the legendary Des Renford’s long-standing Australian record.

Chloe McCardel | 2015

In 2015, Chloë was the first Australian to complete a triple non-stop crossing of the English Channel. Only three other ultra-marathon swimmers have completed a triple non-stop crossing of the English Channel, which were completed over 27 years ago. In 2014, Chloë set the World Record for the longest ratified unassisted ocean swim of 124.4km in 41.5 hours. This was completed in the Bahamas between South Eleuthera Island to Nassau. Chloë trains in water temperatures as low as 11°C for up to six hours; completes overnight training swims of up to 20 hours in 15°C, with 3°C air temperature; and distances of 110-140km in a week. Training also includes pool training equivalent to a male 1,500m Olympic-level swimmer.

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Aussie Chloe McCardel Spared Quarantine After Record-breaking Channel Swim

Post source : AFP | Agence France-Presse

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