Coffee With Bishop Suriel: Exodus Youth Worx | EYW Welfare Manager Part III ~ Christian Podcast  [E#07]
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Coffee With Bishop Suriel: Exodus Youth Worx | EYW Welfare Manager Part III ~ Christian Podcast [E#07]

Episode 07 | EYW Welfare Manager ~ Kiro Salib

Innovative Ministry for Youth in Crisis

In Part 3, Debbie is joined by Kiro Salib, the welfare manager at EYW. Kiro gives some insights into his ministry over the past 7 months and how EYW has successfully dealt with many difficult cases. EYW also advocates for seniors and support victims of Domestic Violence and their families as they work to turn their lives around and overcome their challenges. Her care for those suffering from such matters is just phenomenal. She built this ministry from absolutely nothing and was met with many resistances along her journey, and you will hear directly from Debbie about this. This is Part 3 of a three-part series and I hope you don’t miss out and tune in on Wednesday. This incredible and important work needs to be replicated in so many other parts of the world.

About Exodus Youth Worx

Exodus Youth Worx is a Not-For-Profit Community Organisation working with young people and families who are facing many challenges such as homelessness, drug and alcohol dependency, exclusion from school, unemployment, neglect, and abuse. We also advocate for seniors and support victims of Domestic Violence and their families as they work to turn their lives around and overcome their challenges. Exodus Youth Worx ~ Welfare Manager | Exodus Missions ~ What We Do ~ Exodus Partners ~ Exodus Programs ~ Exodus Contact ~ Donate

About Kiro Salib | Welfare Manager

Kiro Salib, EYW Welfare Manager, passion is helping people live their best lives possible. He holds a Bachelor of Social Science from the University of Western Sydney and a Masters of Counselling from the University of Notre Dame Sydney. Kiro has been working in Community Services for over 11 years, in a variety of different positions. During this time, Kiro Salib worked with young people, individuals and families, carers, persons with disabilities, the aging community, and persons struggling with severe and persistent mental health issues. Kiro Salib is to continue growing both personally and professionally, equipping himself with the skills necessary to continue having a positive impact on the lives of clients and colleagues alike.

About Coffee With Bishop Suriel

In our busy lives, finding a resource to answer many of our faith-related queries can be challenging. Each Wednesday join Bishop Suriel, a popular religious leader, thinker, and writer as he presents a fresh perspective on Orthodox Christian faith with an emphasis on all things Coptic. Whether you want to learn more about Christian faith, or delve deeper into Orthodoxy and spiritual life, then this is the Christian podcast for you. Tune in for a new episode every Wednesday! Listen on Apple Podcasts ~ Google Podcasts ~ Overcast ~ Castro

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