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Coffee With Bishop Suriel: Professor Waguih Ishak | Coptic Family Man And Visionary Technologist Part II [E#11]
Photo Credit To Coffee with Bishop Suriel

Coffee With Bishop Suriel: Professor Waguih Ishak | Coptic Family Man And Visionary Technologist Part II [E#11]

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Episode 11 | Professor Waguih Ishak

Coptic Family Man and Visionary Technologist | Part 2

Professor Waguih Ishak will take us on the fascinating journey of his life beginning in Egypt then on to Canada and finally settling in Silicon Valley.

His Grace Bishop Suriel and Nader Hanna founder of COPTICNN™ ( spend an hour learning about Professor Waguih Ishak’s upbringing in Cairo, his studies, and research that lead him to complete a Ph.D. in Toronto and then finally settling in Cupertino. Not only does Dr. Waguih Ishak have a Ph.D. but so does his wife and two sons!

Professor Waguih Ishak discusses with us his involvement in Technology and his love for innovation and how he sees Technology develop into the future. He also brings to the forefront his involvement in the Coptic Church in Canada and the USA and how he sees the Church utilising this technology. Besides these exciting subjects, Professor Ishak also takes us into the intriguing journey of how he discovered his family roots that lead him to take a DNA test in order to find out more about his family history.

Be sure to tune in for this final episode to be inspired by the journey of the blessed servant of God and a man who has succeeded to reach the status of Chief Technologist at one of the most prominent companies in Silicon Valley. A visionary who may inspire you in your life’s journey.

About Bishop Suriel

Bishop Suriel vocational education and experience focuses on religious intellectualism and religiosity. His education in a broad variety of sacred and secular international institutions has greatly expanded his horizon that directs him to a deeper understanding of matters relevant to faith.

This supported Bishop Suriel to succeed in my ministry and deliver numerous successful projects – not only in building infrastructure but also institutions that were the first of their kind in the Coptic Church.

About Professor Waguih

Professor Waguih Ishak is a prominent Copt living in Cupertino, California, and is also the Division VP, Research Director, Chief Technologist at Corning Research and Development Corporation in Sunnyvale, California.

Dr. Waguih Ishak has authored approximately 80 journal and conference papers, and four chapters in the Handbook of Electronic Instruments.

Dr. Waguih Ishak is a Fellow of the IEEE and was named an inventor on seven US patents. Dr. Waguih Ishak is on the Technical Advisory Boards of USC, UC Santa Cruz, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, Santa Clara University, NRC, and Panora

About Nader Hanna

Nader Hanna is the president and founder of Coptic News Network Association, a diversified Christian organization that includes a Coptic online newspaper ( and a business publishing division (Coptic Directory).

NaderHanna is an unshakable operation positivist with an Orthodox vision to change the way businesses think, act, and operate. He believes in a bright future and people’s ability to build it concomitantly.

About Coffee With Bishop Suriel

In our busy lives, finding a resource to answer many of our faith-related queries can be challenging. Each Wednesday join Bishop Suriel, a popular religious leader, thinker, and writer as he presents a fresh perspective on Orthodox Christian faith with an emphasis on all things Coptic. Whether you want to learn more about Christian faith, or delve deeper into Orthodoxy and spiritual life, then this is the Coptic podcast for you. Tune in for a new episode every Wednesday! Listen on Apple Podcasts ~ Google Podcasts ~ Overcast ~ Castro

About Coptic News Network Association


In a world desperately seeking facts, goodness, and unity, Coptic News Network strengthens Copts by spreading the good news and teaching of Jesus Christ in addition to reporting on important world events and breaking news. COPTICNN™ publishes an online Coptic newspaper with a weekly Christian digital magazine “COPTIC TODAY.”


At the COPTICNN DIRECTORY™, we strive to strengthen, edify, and unite the Body of Christ through our online marketplace. Our Christian directory provides a vehicle by which Coptic consumers can find Christian professionals in every area of business and ministry.

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Professor Waguih Ishak: Coptic Family Man and Visionary Technologist Part II [E#10]

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Post source : Coffee with Bishop Suriel

About The Author

The Coptic News Network Association publishes an online Christian newspaper with a bi-weekly Christian digital magazine. Having established itself in May 1988 as a Coptic Christian Newsletter under "COPTIC TODAY™", it has grown to become the largest Coptic ethnic online news website in the world. It describes itself as, "The only independent Coptic newspaper in the world, that is not backed by any country, organization or party." Coptic News Network Association "COPTICNN™" are the pioneer independent news information service network offered to Coptic Orthodox Christians and all interested followers.

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