Coffee With Bishop Suriel: The Monastic Concerns Regarding Unity And Reconciliation Of Traditions [E#17]
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Coffee With Bishop Suriel: The Monastic Concerns Regarding Unity And Reconciliation Of Traditions [E#17]

Episode 17 | Unity and Reconciliation of Traditions

In this episode, Bishop Anba Suriel shares a short paper that he presented on Tuesday, March 17, 1998, at St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, “The Monastic Concerns Regarding Unity. Reconciliation of Traditions.” During the annual symposium on Eastern/Oriental Orthodox dialogue, this took place and was co-hosted by St Vladimir’s Seminary and St Nersess Armenian Orthodox Seminary.

The Monastic Concerns Regarding Unity and Reconciliation of Traditions

While this paper is 22 years old, it is still relevant to the dialogue regarding unity between the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches. Wherever in this presentation, the masculine only is mentioned, it also applies to the feminine. H. G. Anba Suriel has also updated the language to reflect past tense where applicable.

“In this episode I wish to share with you a short paper that I presented on Tuesday March 17, 1998 at St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary titled “The Monastic Concerns Regarding Unity and Reconciliation of Traditions… I would be interested to hear your comments.” Unity and Reconciliation of Traditions Episode | Bishop Suriel asked.

About Bishop Suriel

Bishop Suriel vocational education and experience focuses on religious intellectualism and religiosity. His education in a wide variety of sacred and secular international institutions has dramatically expanded his horizon, directing him to a deeper understanding of matters relevant to faith.

Knowledge supported Bishop Suriel to succeed in my ministry and deliver numerous successful projects in building infrastructure and institutions that were the first of their kind in the Coptic Church.

About Coffee With Bishop Suriel

In our busy lives, finding a resource to answer many of our faith-related queries can be challenging. Each Wednesday, join Bishop Suriel, a popular religious leader, thinker, and writer, as he presents a fresh perspective on Orthodox Christian faith with an emphasis on all things Coptic.

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Coffee With Bishop Suriel: The Monastic Concerns Regarding Unity and Reconciliation Of Traditions [E#17]

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