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Peace! The Only Option | Beautiful Egypt #374
Photo Credit To H.G. Bishop Anba Ermia

Peace! The Only Option | Beautiful Egypt #374

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The previous article, “A Luminous Sign,” spoke about the message of “Peace” as an essential role of human beings and a fundamental religious commandment to man.

Religions emphasized it for people to walk with each other in life. Peace is the basis for building a human civilization in the world. William Durant wrote in his book “The Story of Civilization”: “Rather, civilization consists of four elements: economic resources, political systems, moral traditions, and the pursuit of science and the arts; And it begins where the disturbance and anxiety cease because if a person is safe from fear, the motives of aspiration and the factors of creativity and creation will be freed in himself. After that, natural incentives ceased to incite him to proceed on his path to understanding and prospering life.”

Thus, Durant sees that civilization begins where human turmoil and anxiety ceases. There is no end to chaos and fear unless peace and security stride between members of a single community and between all nations of the world at large. And when peace arises, human steps towards building, reconstruction and development begin.

Hence, people must recognize that there is no alternative to peace if they want to build their societies. When we browse through history, we find that the foundations for communities’ prosperity and civilization’s building did not come in times of wars or conflicts. On the contrary: the more conflicts increased, the societies collapsed and disappeared from existence.

Peace preserves the country’s security and strengthens peoples’ determination to build, work, and reach more remarkable achievements. Creating standard human rules, which human beings are obliged to follow, is essential for peace in societies.

Life needs excellent flexibility. Therefore, a person must strive to acquire the flexibility of life, which enables him to treat others with a consciousness that believes in the existing differences between human beings and rise in addressing these differences in mature ways completely away from estrangement, neglect, resentment and violence. We must remember: “Peace does not mean the absence of conflicts, for the difference, will continue to exist. Peace means that we resolve these differences by peaceful means: through dialogue, education, knowledge, and civilized methods.”

Peace is also the path of societies towards learning, engaging in studies, and spreading culture for them to rise. There was no way to the civilization and progress of businesses except when peace prevailed. It is the human march for the continued growth of humanity and its aspiration towards the forces of construction and advancement.

As for society’s prosperity and comfort, it is achievable through the innovations towards which a person feels when he feels security and in peace, and as it stated: “A healthy environment is the basis of a successful social life.” That means that if societies today want to find a way to prosperity, they must spread peace among their members by all means and methods.

The peace that we seek to achieve now is the basis of a decent life towards the future we seek for our children. As we distance them from conflicts, they invest their science capabilities and work to achieve innovations and innovations that lead the country with broad and steady steps towards leadership and progress and affirm its role in the international community. When societies know their way towards peace, this is like a clear invitation to invest in them. Investors at the local and global levels feel safe and secure. What affects these economic societies’ growth, which is beneficial to their people and the social sectors’ liveliness.

Peace is always the driving force for development to achieve renaissance at all levels, and it is humankind’s only option if they want life!

And stories never end in Beautiful Egypt!

H.G. Anba Ermia General Bishop Head of the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center

Delivered to you by COPTICNN™ | Coptic News Network on 2020-11-26 from Cairo, Egypt

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Bishop Anba Ermia | Peace! The Only Option ~ Beautiful Egypt #374 ~

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Post source : Bishop Anba Ermia |

About The Author

Member of COPTICNN Honorarium Board Of Director

Anba Ermia is the Public Relation Officer at the Holy Synod PR committee specializing in Christian Muslim interrelationship. He has a long pass of spreading knowledge and homering the Coptic and Christian heritage worldwide.

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