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Inner Peace | Beautiful Egypt #376
Photo Credit To H.G. Bishop Anba Ermia

Inner Peace | Beautiful Egypt #376

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In the previous article, our discussion was about the effects of wars that are destructive to societies and people. And the need for peace for men and the environment to survive. History teaches the value of peace at the level of civilizations and individuals. As the existence of peace achieves the continuity of diverse cultures.

Inner Peace | History

In contrast, many cultures have ceased to exist and were forgotten due to their peoples’ conflicts and wars: such as the ancient “Pueblo” peoples and the “Anasazi” people who disappeared. It is believed that the reason for their disappearance is the existence of violent internal conflicts; Therefore, we will not be able to live if we struggle, nor will we be able to survive and be creative if we fight.

Inner Peace | Peace Prizes

This is what made the world think about the importance of peace. Therefore, the international peace prizes came with urgent significance in individuals, societies, and peoples’ lives. Among them, Alfred Nobel recommended the annual Nobel Peace Prize and awarded for the first time in 1901 AD. The Gandhi Peace Prize granted by the Indian government in 1995 in the name of “Mahatma Gandhi,” leading his country is to freedom without a single bullet.

Inner Peace | The Arab World

In the Arab world, we find the “Imam Hassan Bin Ali International Peace Prize” and other awards in many countries of the world. To achieve peace, it is well-known that it does not come by slogans or formulating words proclaimed in meetings, conferences, and books. Instead, it is a true belief within every soul that realizes its urgent need to achieve it.

Inner Peace | The Begining

Yes, peace begins from within the human being and then spreads to everyone around him. Therefore, the world must realize that regaining the peace that it has lost is the responsibility of every individual.

It desperately needs self-honesty and the responsibility to make it. Thus, peace begins from the depths of humankind first. The English poet Ralph Waldo Emerson expressed this, saying: “Nothing can bring peace to you but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace but the victory of principles.”; It affirmed in it: “It starts from within each of us. When we have inner peace, we will be able to be at peace with those around us.”; Whoever tries to offer peace while missing it in his depths, his attempts will only be unsuccessful.

Inner Peace | To Live

The first step in peace is the human ability to discover his depths and realize his need for peace, in other words: his understanding of his need to form a kind of harmony, inner harmony and calmness.

To live a productive and purposeful life by which he can use his abilities and capabilities that were bestowed upon him by God and with which he was distinguished. As scientists and researchers acknowledge, the human mind has tremendous potentials that are yet to get discovered. It needs to move away from crises, wars, or intense pressures to fuel its power, as the path towards weakness and dispersion paved with fears and annoyances.

Inner Peace | Mankind

When a person enjoys inner peace, he feels a kind of comfort that enables him to calm his mind. He can think logically and positively, using the creative energies that make him stronger from the inside and not shake. The strong-inner man is the most capable of finding successful solutions to the problems, obstacles and challenges he faces from the outside world, such as the stable rocks’ steadfastness before the great waves try breaking them.

Still, those who lose peace are carried by waves of turmoil wherever they want. Inner peace is a person’s journey to the depths of his soul, where he discovers its secrets and the thoughts and actions they carry towards God, himself and others. And as we mentioned earlier, the source of true peace is God. That is why man’s relationship with his Creator is essential. And when a person does evil, he turns away from God. And then he loses his peace and lives like a turbulent sea with waves, not knowing what anxiety and tension to conquered him and others.

And stories never end in Beautiful Egypt!

H.G. Anba Ermia General Bishop Head of the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center

Delivered to you by COPTICNN™ | Coptic News Network on 2020-12-09 from Cairo, Egypt

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Bishop Anba Ermia | Peace! The Only Option ~ Beautiful Egypt #374 ~

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Post source : Bishop Anba Ermia |

About The Author

Member of COPTICNN Honorarium Board Of Director

Anba Ermia is the Public Relation Officer at the Holy Synod PR committee specializing in Christian Muslim interrelationship. He has a long pass of spreading knowledge and homering the Coptic and Christian heritage worldwide.

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