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Would New “Smart Church” Light The Next Religious Awakening?

Would New “Smart Church” Light The Next Religious Awakening?

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Delivered to you by COPTICNN™ | Coptic News Network on 2020-05-25 from British Columbia, Canada

“Smart Church solutions marks the next religious awakening” Expert confirming

Church Buildings may be closed all over the world because of the COVID-19 pandemic, alternatively “the doors for the church have never been more open”, says Nader Hanna.

Nader, Chief Marketing Officer at WebsiteApp.Church in British Columbia, says the pandemic might simply even lead to World’s next spiritual revival.

When the lockdown started the ultimate month, the whole Page Views for Churches hosted by his company was at 250,000 views.


WebsiteApp.Church | A Smart Church Solutions provider is the market leader covering the intersection of faith and culture. Through the web, social media, video, and podcasting, we reach an influential, passionate audience like no one else.

He says online attendance has continued to broaden ever since, in particular among Millennials, with participation through this age elegance increasing 235% consistent since the first Sunday of the lockdown.

By month-end, the numbers going through WA.C’s online “Smart Church” Platform had surpassed 1,020,000. Hanna says he has been “pleasantly surprised” seeing those figures.

“These are people literally from all around the world, from every age and background, who are missing church. So, to the best of our ability, we are bringing the church to them,” he said.
But the “most surprising thing” about this new online congregation, he admits, is those coming to faith.

Smart Church | A place for twentysomethings to think about faith and culture.

At the close of every day, Smart Church’s been offering an opportunity for other people to wish and ask Jesus to come back again into their lives. He says over 310,000 other people have replied to that invitation since that coronavirus lockdown started.

Smart Church | The voice of a new generation.”

“For decades, the church has been trying, seemingly in vain, to reach World’s youngest generations—millennial and Generation Z—with the Bible. All the while, we’ve seen headline after headline and poll after poll reminding us that church attendance has been falling, and rapidly,” he said.

He continued: “Enter a global pandemic. Could it be that simply by responding as best and as quickly as we could to something no one saw coming, we’ve unwittingly stumbled into a part of God’s answer to a generational riddle?”

Nader went on to say that virtual church might simply under no circumstances exchange physical church alternatively advised that God might be using it to reach masses of hundreds of more youthful through new media somehow they are”very comfortable with”.

“Maybe it’s a new piece to an ever-evolving puzzle: how to say something old to a new audience. Just as Paul wrote letters, as Gutenberg used the printing press and as Billy Graham used film and television, the church is called to engage the un-churched and under-churched, using whatever useful tools we have at our disposal,” he said.

“Don’t misunderstand me. Nothing takes the place of the local church and gathering and worshiping in person. I am also alarmed by some of the overreaches on the part of some government authorities who are not letting Christians gather even for a drive-in service on Easter morning.

“Nevertheless, we are throughout the tens week of having the doors of our church building closed, and however the doors for the church have under no circumstances been further open.

“WebApp.Church is already planning and looking forward to deploying more Church on their Next Generation “Smart Church” Platform until gathering with our congregation in person again is permitted, hopefully very shortly.

“But throughout the length in-between, while we are all nevertheless sheltering in place, we are seeing something occurs that looks a lot to me as a spiritual awakening.”

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Would 2020 New “Smart Church” Light The Next Religious Awakening?

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