Roundup: Egypt COVID-19 Virus 3-Stages Coexist Plan
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Roundup: Egypt COVID-19 Virus 3-Stages Coexist Plan

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On May 14 2020, Egypt has published a COVID-19 coexistence plan to deal with the coronavirus pandemic for the likely tough period. The government highlights the significance of abiding precautionary rules while gradually return to the normal life cycle.

The Egyptian Ministry of Health described the plan as a “coexistence plan” to deal with the coronavirus pandemic in three stages.

The COVID-19 Coexist plan comes as a bid to decrease the number of infections and deaths, attain a balance between sustaining a normal life cycle and lodging precautionary measures, discard the negative psychological effects of the pandemic, and evade transportation and shopping crowds.

If the WHO confirms a safe and effective vaccine, the Ministry of Health will decide how it would be offered, depending on the stage priorities the country is facing at such time.

Today, Egypt’s Ministry of Health lately propelled a 3-stage COVID-19 Coexist plan to assist the country to coexist with the COVID-19 virus and make certain that important precautionary measures are taken to flatten the curve.

The plan outline clear guidelines for places of work, shops, public delivery, and accommodations, in addition to well-lined precautions for the Egyptians people to observe.

Here’s what you need to know:

The third phase can have the lightest precautions and progress until there are additional COVID-19 bulletins issued by the World Health Organization

The When?

  • The COVID-19 Coexist plan does not set specific dates for when it will get started, although it’s anticipated that a press release will transpire soon.
  • The first phase, which can see extra strict measures, will cross on till the entire trends of coronavirus cases reflect a downward pattern for no less than two weeks.
  • The second phase will regularly see more sporadic restrictions and get started after 2 weeks of a reduction in cases and can cross on for 28 days in trial.
  • The third phase can have the lightest precautions and progress until there are additional bulletins issued by the World Health Organization.

The How?


  • Screenings at all entry points: In the primary section, you’re going to be required to make use of hand sanitizer and screened for body temperature at any entryways.
  • You’ll require to wear a face mask: Everyone is predicted to wear face masks outside the home all the time.
  • All faculties, universities, and leisure venues are to remain closed: Schools Churches, Mosques, cinemas, cafes, theaters, gyms, and different leisure venues will stay locked-down.
  • Businesses will aspire to impose worker capability limits: All companies will keep workers at the lowest imaginable counts. Workers in tourism can be allowed to operate at 50% capability.
  • Supply, commodities and services promoted to extend online: All public products and services and companies shall be inspired to operate virtually and supply products and services digitally.
  • Specific vehicles for aged, inclined, and pregnant: There shall be areas reserved at the Metro for the aged, people with disabilities, and pregnant women. All seniors also are required to stay at the house together with family members underlying health or well-being conditions.


  • All the above discussed will resume, even though dining places are anticipated to reopen with a 50% capability.
  • Seniors can be allowed to go out of their houses by implementing all necessary precautionary measures.


  • Only seniors and the ones with underlying questionable health will be required to place face-mask.
  • It is predicted that standard lifestyles at places of work will resume with the precautionary measures taken, and retaining all public areas clean and well-ventilated.
  • Schools, universities, and all leisure venues will stay closed.

Important COVID-19 Coexist Plan Highlights:

  • All employers are anticipated to boost consciousness on precautionary measures, as posted on the Ministry’s Facebook web page and website.
  • Online products and services and deliveries shall be encouraged during the 3 stages, and it’s anticipated that all public services and companies stay hand sanitizers and temperature screenings available all the time.
  • Social distancing should be taken rigorously (roughly 2 meters) and clarified via marks.
  • It is but unclear when world tourism will resume, while weddings and ceremonies remain banned.

Coexist With The COVID-19 Virus Q&A Roundup

What are the three stages?
The first stage entails “strict measures” to prevent a resurgence of the virus. The second stage comprises “medium measures.” The third stage combines “relaxed and continuing measures”.

When will each stage start?
The strict measures stage will be implemented immediately, while the medium measures phase will kick 28 days after the start of the first phase. Then the relaxed and continuing measures stage begins 28 days from the inception of the second stage.

How will malls operate under the Coexist with the COVID-19 plan?
Malls and shops are allowed to operate at 50 percent capacity throughout all three stages. Their food courts should be closed during the first phase but will be allowed to operate at half capacity during the second phase. Masks must be worn to enter malls.

When will restaurants be allowed to reopen under Egypt COVID-19 Coexist plan?
Restaurants are only allowed to provide delivery service through the three phases, except restaurants in hotels.

When can cinemas, theaters, cafes, gyms, and clubs operate again in Egypt?
They will remain closed throughout the outbreak.

When can Egyptian schools and universities be accessible again?
They will remain shut throughout the outbreak.

What else will remain locked during the pandemic?
Funeral services will remain halted for the duration. Wedding celebrations and other events involving large gatherings will remain sealed for the duration, except at hotels.

What are the major precautions to be exercised by businesses during COVID-19?
No one will be permitted to enter businesses without wearing a mask throughout the three phases. Workplace eateries will be closed while gathering and relaxation areas can only open in the third phase.

What cares must be adopted at Egyptian workplaces and on public transportation?

  • Through the first two phases, wearing masks remains mandatory. More trains and public buses will be stationed to prevent crowding and additional ticket windows will be opened to the public.
  • Passengers are encouraged to rely on online tickets.
  • Normal air conditioning devices are not recommended during the first and second phases unless certain types of filters are implemented. They will be permitted in the third phase only.

What about factories and construction sites?

  • Construction is the single sector that can operate 24 hours a day during the three stages, despite the curfew.
  • Workplaces must operate with 30 percent maximum capacity for every shift in the first stage, then 50 percent during the second stage. In the third stage, workplaces will operate at full capacity.

What are the COVID-19 measures exerted by hotels under the COVID-19 plan?

  • Hotels must have a clinic with a resident doctor, in addition to disinfection supplies.
  • Non-Egyptian guests must undergo expeditious coronavirus tests before checking in.
  • Foreign visitors arriving from overseas must have a negative PCR test document performed 48 hours before boarding the plane.
  • Hotels guests must be registered online or utilizing single-use pens and will have their temperatures checked at hotel eatery.
  • Parties or weddings or any overnight activities are not permitted throughout the first and second phases. No information was given about the third phase.
  • Each hotel will work at a maximum of 50 percent of workers’ capacity during the first and second phases.
  • Hotel restaurants can only serve pre-set menus and buffet services are banned in the first phase. During the second stage, normal menu service will be allowed while sustaining a 50 percent workforce capacity.
  • Guests’ temperatures will be measured before entering and chairs must be placed one meter apart.

When will Egyptian hotels resume diving and swimming activities?
All will be allowed during the first stage with strict requirements such as the sterilization of diving valves, snorkeling masks, and buoyancy control devices.

When will cruise and yachts resume activities?
They will restart in the first phase with a lower number of tourists on board.

When will ceremony at venues, nightclubs, casinos, or hotels be allowed to be performed?
They are not allowed to inaugurate during the first and second phases. The health ministry did not announce whether they would be permitted to start in the third phase.

What happens if cases Egypt’ COVID-19 cases grow again during the second or third stage?
The entire country will roll back to the earliest stage.

What is the curfew standing during Egypt 3-Stage Plan To Coexist With The COVID-19 Virus?
The nationwide curfew currently begins at 9 pm. The ministry did not furnish any details or amended throughout the three stages.

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Egypt 3-Stage Plan To Coexist With The COVID-19 Virus

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