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2020 Putin-Trump Europe Day Riveting Combating Coronavirus And Oil Prices
Photo Credit To Presidential Press and Information Office (Михаил Метцель, ТАСС)

2020 Putin-Trump Europe Day Riveting Combating Coronavirus And Oil Prices

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Delivered to you by COPTICNN™ | Coptic News Network on 2020-05-07 from Washington, United States of America

Thursday, May 7, 2020, United States President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed expansion in combating the coronavirus pandemic along with oil prices, and other hands keep watch issues in a phone call, the White House and the Kremlin mentioned.

“the historic significance of the WWII alliance between our peoples that allowed (us) to defeat the common enemy.” Kremlin Spokesmen highlighted

The White House said Trump spoke with Putin “to commemorate and reflect upon the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day.”

The Kremlin well-known in its readout of the verdict that the two leaders exchanged greetings commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Nazi defeat in World War II, highlighting “the historic significance of the WWII alliance between our peoples that allowed (both countries) to defeat one common enemy.”

Combating the Coronavirus Pandemics & Global Epidemics

It said that if Russia and the U.S. match the spirit of their wartime alliance they could score victories in dealing with many issues as ensuring strategic stability, combating epidemics, fighting terrorism, and settling regional conflicts.

The White House said the two presidents discussed “progress on defeating the coronavirus pandemic,” with Trump reemphasizing that “the United States is working hard to care for Americans at home and is also ready to assist any country in penury, including Russia.

Trump to send Coronavirus ventilators to Putin

Trump said that in the phone call “I suggested if they need ventilators, we’d love to send them some.

The Kremlin didn’t respond if Putin accepted the U.S. offer, but it said in the past that Russia would be grateful to the U.S. if it proposed assistance.

Putin to extend New START to Trump

On arms control, “Trump reaffirmed that the United States is committed to efficient arms control that includes not only Russia, but also China, and looks forward to future conversations to avoid a costly arms race,” the White House said.

In response, Russia has proposed to extend the New START that expires in February 2021, while the Trump administration has pushed for a new arms control pact that would also involve China.

President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s reviews of the progress in combatting the COVID-19 pandemic, arms control issues, and the situation in the global oil market prices had a positive effect on the market.

Both sides noted the positive impact of the OPEC+ agreement reached thanks to mutual exercises by the U.S. and Russian presidents that helped stabilize oil prices.

World surpasses five million Coronavirus cases with U.S., Russia, and Brazil as hot spots. Russia’s total coronavirus cases surpass 335,000. The United States, which has been lifting pandemic restrictions, has passed the 1.5 million case mark, with approximately 1,560,000 cases and over 93,600 fatalities.

Brazil has skyrocketed to the third spot, closing in on 300,000 Coronavirus cases with approximately 291,600 cases and about 19,000 deaths. The country hit an alarming record with 19,941 confirmed new cases, and Trump is considering a travel ban on Brazil.

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Putin-Trump Europe Day Call Discussed Combating Coronavirus And Oil Prices

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