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God Guidance | Guide Me In The Right Path [P5]
Photo Credit To Fr. Peter Farrington | Facebook

God Guidance | Guide Me In The Right Path [P5]

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By Father Peter Farrington

For whoever has, to him more will be given; but whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him..God Guidance | Guide Me In The Right Path [P5].

Most of us desire to be guided by God. We do not want to wander aimlessly through life, or make wrong choices. In Guide Me In The Right Path [P1], we discussed that we must be willing to commit our lives to God, to doing his will, and to seeking and following the right path [P2]. Also Hear my prayer [P3] and Spiritual Guidance [P4] . Today we will continue our discussion.

#4 – But I would suggest that much of the practice of being guided by God occurs in very prosaic matters. It is in the simple things that we gain experience and practice in hearing and obeying God’s voice. This is to be expected, since our Lord Jesus says to us regarding hearing and understanding the word of God,

For whoever has, to him more will be given; but whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him.

If we have begun to hear God’s word then we must put it into practice, otherwise the understanding we have will be lost, while for the one who seeks to be obedient, their understanding and hearing of God’s word will increase. How does this begin? It begins always in humble obedience to those things we already know. This is why I spoke of prayer and reading the Scripture first.

But it extends into daily life. Where do we have the opportunity to be obedient and to serve, and in this obedient service to find the will of God for us? Let us start with our homes. Whatever our age and position, are we ready to serve those others with whom we live in our household? This is the beginning of hearing God’s word, since our Lord Jesus Christ himself says,

If anyone desires to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all.


The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve.

This also is fundamental and universal guidance from God. We say, Lord, guide me about the job, and he says, remember these words, become the servant of all. Are we able to try to put this into practice? It seems necessary to me, if we desire further word of God’s will. If we have not begun to obey these words given to all then how will we hear the word given to us in particular?

When someone asks you to do something at home, try to do it immediately, and so fulfill the will of God for us all. If we are parents, then let us serve our children in love. If we are children, let us serve our parents and siblings with respect and honour. If we are husband and wife, let us serve each other as we look to our own needs. The account of the desert monk should be before us. He was called by his spiritual father, and he leapt up from the place where he was copying the Gospel and left the letter he was working on unfinished in his haste to be obedient in his service.

But this ordinary service extends beyond our household and into our workplace and schools and universities. In every place we should look to see where this is a need that God draws our attention to, and consider in our heart how we could be of service. It may mean no ore than opening a door for someone with their hands full. It might mean noticing for the first time that someone is sitting alone, and choosing to sit with them. It might mean not volunteering for the job that everyone wants, and volunteering for the job that nobody wants.

This is not irrelevant to our being guided by God. It is in these things that we begin to learn to be guided by him. It is not that God does not speak, but that we do not hear. And it is only in responding to the movement of the Holy Spirit who brings the will of God to our attention in these simplest of things, that we begin to learn to hear the word of God.

Even the way we drive must become transparent to the activity and leading of the Holy Spirit, so that we are more careful and sensitive of others. We should notice the needs of other road users, we should be aware of the car patiently waiting to pull into traffic. Even in this we must begin to learn to be guided by God, since this means, essentially, to be more aware of the movement of the Holy Spirit, and more perceptive of the world as God sees it. And it is in these simple things, which will require a transformation of our heart, that we begin to learn and begin to be transformed.

If we cannot serve our parents or siblings then how can we serve God? If we cannot serve the person we work with or meet in the class, then how can we serve God and be guided by him, since he asks us to begin by serving all people?

God certainly continues to guide us, as we better understand the word and will of God more easily. To be continued…

Delivered to you by COPTICNN™ | Coptic News Network on 2020-02-12 from Liverpool, England

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God Guidance | Guide Me In The Right Path [P5]

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About The Author

Senior Editor at and a member of the Board Of Director

Father Peter Farrington is a priest of St Mary and St Cyril Coptic Orthodox Church in Liverpool, UK, serving in the Midlands Diocese. He was brought up in a committed Evangelical family and trained for three years as a Pastor and Missionary.

In 1994 He became a member of the Coptic Orthodox Church after many years of searching for a deeper and richer Christian life.

In 2009, He was ordained a priest. He continues to be concerned with presenting our Orthodox Faith as authentic humanity, and as Good News, especially to our own Coptic Orthodox youth and those around us seeking a transforming experience of God.

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