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Together Against Despair And Despondency
Photo Credit To Abbot Tryphon | Facebook Page

Together Against Despair And Despondency

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By Abbot Tryphon

“We are all in this together” Together Against Despair And Despondency | The Morning Offering.

As we struggle in this life, it is good to remember that we are all together. We find our place of silence, where we encounter God, but even in this place set apart, we are together. In our journey to God, our common goal is the acquisition of a humble and contrite heart, and our common homeland is found in the Divine Liturgy, wherein we enter Paradise, and participate in the Heavenly Banquet, together.

Together | Celebrating Life

In our moments of loneliness, and despondency, we are together. We are together in our celebration of life, and even in our death. When we seem so alone, we are together, for in Christ we are One Body. Glory to God for His loving kindness. Glory to Him forever.

“Repentance is the antidote to despondency” Together Against Despair And Despondency | The Morning Offering.

Together | Despair and Despondency

Despair and despondency must be avoided, for they are used by demons to make us feel hopeless. When we confess our sins, and receive Christ’s absolution through His agent (the priest), we must depart with joy, for our sins have been forgiven.

Repentance is the key to receiving this joy, and the antidote to despondency. If we, however, cling in despair, out of a false sense of humility, we are denying God’s promise of forgiveness.

Likewise, if we do not quickly forgive others who’ve sought our forgiveness, but hold fast to the memory of their transgression, we can lead them into a state of despondency, and deprive them of the joy that comes with repentance.

Forgiving others, and accepting forgiveness for ourselves, brings joy, and dispels all despair and despondency, which is the tool of the enemy. Let’s put off all despair and despondency, and tell the devil to take a hike.

With love in Christ,
Abbot Tryphon

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By: Abbot Tryphon | The All-Merciful Saviour Orthodox Monastery on Vashon Island. Washington, United States

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Together Against Despair And Despondency

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Post source : Abbot Tryphon | The Morning Offering

About The Author

Abbot Tryphon of the All-Merciful Saviour Orthodox Monastery on Vashon Island in Washington State. The Monastery belong to the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia which is known as ROCOR and today is an Independent Entity of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow.

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