Taste The Presence
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Taste The Presence

By Abbot Tryphon

“Leaving Facebook and moving to MeWe” Taste The Presence | The Morning Offering.

Taste The Presence | Going to Another City

To all my beloved readers and followers both on this blog and on Facebook….

As you know my Facebook account was recently closed, allegedly for “possibly being hacked”. We were informed, however, but some people whose acquaintances work within the company, that my “Abbot Tryphon” account was actually flagged for content in violation of FaceBook’s terms. While it is true that I would raise issues in my discussions that are very much against the current trends of thought in our country, both I and others were still surprised that it was closed without any possible way to appeal, even with one last post to tell people where else they could go to look at the same content.

Taste The Presence | The Currents

On another level, however, we should not be surprised. The intellectual and politically acceptable currents in our country have been moving in that direction for some time, and both the information media, the educational institutions and the entertainment/multimedia (both online and otherwise) have been slowly following suit as well.

The speed at which it was advanced to a noticeable degree occurred in the wake of the hubbub around the recent Presidential election, and many individuals, small companies and even medium sized companies have found themselves suddenly cut off from the ability to use the larger platforms of online media, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the rest.

Fortunately there are other platforms whose terms of service are not as strictly worded in accordance with the less uplifting movements of the times, and we have the opportunity to use them and continue our ministry for now.

Taste The Presence | The Dust Off

In many ways I think the teaching of our Lord applies in this situation – if one city does not accept your teaching then simply shake the dust off of your feet and go to another city. Do not get caught up in the past, or resentments about how things are “unfair”, or become ensnared by the temptation of “gloom-and-doom”, lamenting how all the world is going to hell in a hand basket or anything of sort. We are called to keep spreading the truth of Orthodoxy, and must use whatever means we can with calmness of soul and gratitude to God that His Providence is over all things.

With that in mind, we are creating a new group on the social networking platform MeWe. Anyone can join the group: https://mewe.com/join/themorningoffering

Please continue to keep us in your prayers and good wishes, and please continue to pray for the world and all its people. The times are dark, yes, but all the more should we shine the light of Christ to our neighbors, family and friends, striving and praying for Him to shine and work His will through us as He sees and knows best, trusting in all things in His Goodness.

“Taste the Presence of Christ Beside You” Taste The Presence | The Morning Offering.

Taste The Presence | The Silent Prayer

We all need a good dose of silent prayer each and every day. Finding that perfect place in your home that can become your cave, or prayer closet, will afford you that sacred space wherein you can go deep into the heart and connect with God. That place wherein you can close off your family, your worries, your job, your distractions, and go deep into your heart wherein you will find the peace that comes from Christ.

The Jesus Prayer is the perfect prayer, for it is a prayer of adoration and praise, and a prayer that proclaims that Jesus is Lord and, as God, can grant mercy upon you. The simple prayer which invokes the Holy Name of Jesus can transform your life, and take you into the very Heart of God. This prayer is known as the Prayer of the Heart for the very reason that it is of the heart.

“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.” Said with the aid of a Prayer Rope (thus bringing your body into the action of the prayer), this prayer accomplishes Saint Paul’s admonition that we should “pray always”. It is a prayer that takes you out of yourself and into communion with Christ. It is a prayer that can change your life because through this prayer you can taste the presence of Christ beside you.

With love in Christ,
Abbot Tryphon

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By: Abbot Tryphon | The All-Merciful Saviour Orthodox Monastery on Vashon Island. Washington, United States

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Taste The Presence

Post source : Abbot Tryphon | The Morning Offering

About The Author

Abbot Tryphon of the All-Merciful Saviour Orthodox Monastery on Vashon Island in Washington State. The Monastery belong to the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia which is known as ROCOR and today is an Independent Entity of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow.

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