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About The Coptic News Network

Coptic News Network “COPTICNN™” is the pioneer independent news information service network offered to Coptic Orthodox Christians and all interested followers. is the world’s most comprehensive Coptic news website and was launched in May 2013, trusted with the vision of delivering up-to-date news, information, and commentaries relevant to Coptic across denominational lines.

As the flagship website of The Coptic News Network, has quickly grown to become a leading online Christian news publication, with continuous updates throughout the day – seven days a week.

Through the website, The Coptic News Network presents local, national and international coverage of current events affecting and involving Coptic leaders, church bodies, ministries, mission agencies, schools, businesses, and the general Christian public.

As a pan-denominational Christian media source, The Coptic News Network views all Christ-centered denominations as the same constituents of the body of Christ. It does not promote or demote any Christ-centered denomination and/or congregation.

Copticnn™ | Coptic News Network Association

Contact Information

Coptic News Network Association

1285 West Broadway | P.O.Box 110.
Vancouver, British Columbia. V6H 3X8

(778) 800.0505 | HEADQUARTER
(306) 700.4949 | NEWS
(306) 700.4950 | DIRECTORY

COPTICNN™ | Coptic News Network Association

The Coptic News Network Association publishes an online christian newspaper with a weekly digital magazine. Having established itself in May 1988 as a Coptic Christian Newsletter under “COPTS TODAY ™”, it has grown to become the largest Coptic ethnic paper in the world. It describes itself as, “The only independent monthly Coptic newspaper in the world, that is not backed by any country, organization or party.”

Who We Are

In a world in desperate need of facts, goodness, and unity, Coptic News Network strengthens Coptic by richly communicating the faith, relevant news, and teaching of Jesus Christ.

Coptic News Network is taking the lead to reverse the trend by informing, engaging and empowering Coptic around the world.

We are truth-seekers and storytellers. We bear true witness to history as it unfolds and reveal not just what happened, but why, and what it means to you.

We are writers, reporters, photographer, videographer and technologists, united by a mission to inform, engage and empower the world.

We are CopticNN™.

Our Mission

Strategically inform, engage and enable Coptic Orthodox Christians as they influence cultures in Jesus’ name.


Our Core

Our products and platforms take you to the farthest corners of the world, and they bring the world to you, delivering content and services that enrich your lives, your families and your communities, allowing you to serve the church, and create culture to the glory of God.

Our Vision

Coptic grown up into the fullness of Christ.

What We Do

Since 2013, Coptic News Network has been a trusted beacon spotlighting how Coptic Orthodox Christians can live a gospel lives for the strengthening of church and society.

CopticNN™ consistently demonstrates through all its media how the bible, faith, and precious gospel can not only transform our life but bring hope and flourishing to individuals, cultures, and communities.

CopticNN™ advocates for the church shapes the evangelical conversation, brings important issues to the forefront and provides critical information for Coptic Orthodox Christian across the globe.


Statement of Faith

COPTICNN™ News is unique in that we are not just another online Christian Newspaper. Coptic News Network emphasizes trust and integrity as the central ethical theme of our business. We convey the highest standard, all advertisers in The Coptic Business Directory are allowed to sign the following Orthodox Statement of Faith: I affirm that Jesus Christ is my God and Savior, and I desire to live my life for His Glory. I seldom pledge to hold the highest Orthodox Biblical Code of Ethics in my transactions. It is my ambition to treat my clients with the utmost respect and integrity.


While every effort is made to maintain accuracy, the association does not guarantee that the information contained in the Coptic Newspaper or Directory is always correct or current. COPTICNN™ makes no warranties, express or implied as to the fitness of the information for any purpose, or to results obtained by individuals using the information and is not responsible for any action taken in reliance on the information contained herein.

Code of Conduct

As a Coptic newspaper columnist, I will strive to inform, educate and entertain my readers. I will very work hard to provoke them to think — whether they agree or disagree with my efforts to depict truth as I see it.

I will always offer my opinions and the reasons I hold them as clearly and as fairly as I can. I will never take advantage of my position to achieve unwarranted personal gain not available to others or use my column to settle any personal scores. I will disclose potential conflicts to readers whenever possible.

I will never make up a quote, a source or a story when depicting true events. But I will reserve the right to engage in parody and satire.

I will work hard to earn and keep the trust my readers and editors place in me. I will never plagiarize. And whenever possible, if I make a mistake, I will correct it.

I will listen to my critics and, in person, treat them with dignity and respect because they pay me the high honor of reading me, even if they disagree. Similarly, I will treat with personal courtesy those whom I may criticize in writing before and after writing about them.

I will always remember that my job is a privilege and honor because being a columnist represents the basic Human rights of free speech and open discussion.

COPTICNN™ | Coptic News Network & COPTICNN™ DIRECTORY | Christian Business Directory

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The #1 Trusted Christian Online Newspaper and information portal. It covers issues related to Coptic, Orthodoxy and the Christian world, as well as the main international news.