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Father Peter Farrington is a priest of St Mary and St Cyril Coptic Orthodox Church in Liverpool, UK, serving in the Midlands Diocese. He was brought up in a committed Evangelical family and trained for three years as a Pastor and Missionary.

In 1994 He became a member of the Coptic Orthodox Church after many years of searching for a deeper and richer Christian life.

In 2009, He was ordained a priest. He continues to be concerned with presenting our Orthodox Faith as authentic humanity, and as Good News, especially to our own Coptic Orthodox youth and those around us seeking a transforming experience of God.

Article 42
July, 2020
  • Abuse Is Not A Cross To Bear

    Abuse Is Not A Cross To Bear

    Speaking in a general way, and this is how I have always spoken, abuse of various kinds, domestic, m ...

December, 2020
  • Mission Is A Means Not An End

    Mission Is A Means Not An End

    Each day we must surely have our heart set on obedient service to this divine mission of our own liv ...

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  • When is the right Christmas?

    When is the right Christmas?

    The Fathers never intended that those who insist on the 29th Khiahk should eventually celebrate the ...

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