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George Bassilios is an apologetics professor (defending the Christian faith). He has been in this ministry for over 15 years. George is the son of the late Father Bassilios Bassilios, priest of El Botrosiya Church in Cairo.

He is a prominent speaker and lecturer in theology and apologetics. He appears on various Christian television programs discussing the truthfulness and relevance of Christianity.

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  • The Faith of Atheism

    The Faith of Atheism

    Atheists try to make sense of their existence, and the universe in which they live. Atheists are lef ...

November, 2020
  • Is God The Creator Of Evil?

    Is God The Creator Of Evil?

    Is God the creator of evil? “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I ...

October, 2020September, 2020
  • The Importance Of Questions

    The Importance Of Questions

    Important questions are those which make a difference to our whole life. Answering them this way ins ...

August, 2020July, 2020May, 2020
  • Challenging Times

    Challenging Times

    Challenging Times! Our crisis has become a crisis of truth. “3 For the time will come when the ...

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