Shery Abdelmalak | Columnist at COPTICNN.COMShery Abdelmalak grew up in Sydney, Australia. Her formal training was at La Trobe University, where she completed a B. Oral Health Science. During her studies, she also completed a Diploma of Theology at St Cyril's Coptic Orthodox Theological College, where she graduated as the Vice Chancellor's Scholar.This instigated her search to find greater meaning and depth within the Orthodox faith. The link between theology and one's spiritual struggle is what she is most passionate about. Shery is also a blog writer and editor for Upper Room Media, where her love of practical theology becomes most evident.

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April, 2021
  • The Rise And Fall

    The Rise And Fall

    I fall, I rise, I fall in the exact same spot, I rise, I fall differently but I rise all the same. I ...

March, 2021February, 2021
  • The Very Best | The Avenger

    The Very Best | The Avenger

    Imagine being in a race and being the clear contender to win then out of nowhere, a complete no name ...

  • Shake The Dust Off Your Feet

    Shake The Dust Off Your Feet

    I struggle, I fail, and I want to give up on it all, knowing that Christ said to shake the dust off ...

January, 2021December, 2020
  • God, why are You Hiding?

    God, why are You Hiding?

    My false sense of security was taken away and I was left to find where God stood in my life. As soon ...

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