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COPTICNNDirectory was founded in 1998, and the first print Coptic Business Directory came out in Toronto, Canada, in 2003. The Online Business Directory was introduced in 2005, where, to this day, local Churches independently own and operate the printed directories for their designated area. COPTICNNDirectory has grown to serve the Coptic community worldwide, making it the most trusted Christian classified in the world. Its online presence receives, on average, 55,000 unique visitors per month.

More than a Coptic Orthodox Directory

Coptic News Network is an online community-driven business hub for Coptic, Christian leaders, and businesses owner to share resources and knowledge. It is classified for users to find businesses, organizations, and dioceses online.

Our Mission

4 For as we have many members in one body, and all members have not the same office: 5 So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.” John 17:23 (KJV)

At the COPTICNN™ Directory, we strive to strengthen, edify and unite the Body of Christ through the marketplace. Our directories provide a vehicle by which Coptic consumers can find Christian professionals in every area of business and ministry. The Coptic Business Directory gives Christian Business owners and leaders a way to differentiate themselves from other product/service providers based on the influence of their faith in their business dealings. The Coptic Business Directory is also a means by which Christian business people can connect to establish alliances for mutual encouragement and synergy. Coptic Business owners and leaders can list their companies to be more easily found online by the millions of Christians who need their products and services. Our goal is to connect Coptic globally, empower the Christian Faith, and build a stronger Godly community.

Statement of Faith

COPTICNNDirectory is unique in that we are not just another online business listing. Our Coptic business directory emphasizes trust and integrity as the central ethical theme of our lists. We convey the highest standard, all advertisers in The Coptic Business Directory are allowed to sign the following Orthodox Statement of Faith: I affirm that Jesus Christ is my God and Savior, and I desire to live my life for His Glory. I seldom pledge to hold the highest Orthodox Biblical Code of Ethics in my transactions. It is my ambition to treat my clients with the utmost respect and integrity.

Christianability Pledge

I am a Christian business owner who firmly pledges to manage my business in a Christian way that positively impacts my employees, my community and the environment. I am committed to continuously improving my essential Christianability practices. I affirm to conduct my business according to the statement of faith and accept both The Privacy Policy and Conditions of use.


While every effort is made to maintain accuracy, the directory does not guarantee that the information contained in the Christian Business Directory is always correct or current. COPTICNN™ DIRECTORY does not warrant or make any representations as to the quality, content, accuracy or completeness of the information. COPTICNN™ makes no warranties, express or implied as to the fitness of the information for any purpose, or to results obtained by individuals using the information and is not responsible for any action taken in reliance on the information contained herein.

Coptic News Network

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News: (306) 700. 4949
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Coptic News Network “COPTICNN™” is the pioneer independent news information service network offered to Coptic Orthodox Christians and all interested followers.

As a pan-denominational Christian media source, The Coptic News Network views all Christ-centered denominations as the same constituents of the body of Christ. It does not promote or demote any Christ-centered denomination and/or congregation.


COPTICNN™ DIRECTORY is the leading search finder for best religious destinations, amazing places, affordable hotels, quality restaurants, discounted shopping and more. Discover incredible one-of-a-kind deals and sales prices.

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The #1 Trusted Christian Business Directory To Help You Find Local Christian Churches, Businesses, Products, Services, Events, And Amazing Deals!

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COPTICNN™ Directory is going strong, with thousands of Christians using it to locate Churches, Schools, Business, find deals and get the latest News & Devotions. Thousands of Coptic search every day our classified as a valuable resource for products and services.

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