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Business Advertising


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Start Engaging with Christainable Consumers Today!

Does your small to mid-sized business offer local products or services? Or is your service business run Christainably?
COPTICNN™ Directory can help you grow your business by:
  • Reaching new Faithful Christian audiences online
  • Promoting your local events on our calendar
  • Participating in our Coptic holiday and specialty guides
  • Networking and collaborating with other Coptic business members and our Community and Media Partners in our Collective
  • Advertising in our local and international events

… corporate sponsors

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

*Contact COPTICNN™ Today About Becoming a Corporate Sponsor Star!
  • Host or Sponsor a Coptic Expo or Marketplace Showcasing Christian Business Members
  • Engage the Local Community with Your Local Action Campaigns and Initiatives
  • Promotion and Advertising opportunities – Newsletter, website, social media, publications, guides, activities and events
    Local & Global Event sponsorship
  • Exclusive product and service offerings to our Christian Business Members
  • B2B access and Business listing on COPTICNN™ Sponsors page

*Christian Businesses are encouraged to become Corporate Sponsors. Corporate Sponsors play a vital role in Christian community building through sponsorship of Coptic publications, business networking events, Christian public events, newsletters, activities and guides. All corporate sponsors are recognized for their contributions on our Sponsors page, along with their logos linked to a corporate web page. Corporate sponsors must supply annual Christainability reports and meet generally accepted criteria for leading indicators in their sectors.


Coptic-label Branding, Advertising, Marketing, Sales, Social and Fulfillment Platform

The complete ‘solutions in a box

Can COPTICNNIANS truly take care of advertising my business?

The dilemma: You don’t have time to scale up business fulfillment services yourself, but you’re not confident handling your business advertising and marketing over. That’s why COPTICNN™ pioneered DIWU™ (Do It With Us™), the perfect trusted balance of staying involved while outsourcing branding, strategic marketing and advertising tasks.

The Do It With Us™ trusted model allows our Marketing Services to collaborate with SMBs on a level you are comfortable accepting. Coptic News Network™ marketing strategists do all digital heavy-lifting, like correcting business listings, posting to social media, and monitoring reviews while keeping you involved as much (or as little) as you decide to be.



Lower the cost of acquiring customers

Automatically nurture client leads so you can concentrate on the prospects that are ready to buy.

Offer new products and services

Diversify your product and services line to solve all the challenges Coptic SMBs are facing today.

Streamline faithful fulfillment

Provide your services through the Christian model that works best for each unique consumer.

Show buyers proof of performance

Present tangible reviews that your offering is providing high value at a better price.

Be the company that local Coptic community trust

Small and medium companies need an expert they can trust with their digital needs. COPTICNN™ continues to be that trusted expert to grow your brand and your monthly recurring revenue.  Get all the power to acquire, retain, and grow faithful customers—all with unparalleled efficiency. From researching local leads to fulfilling digital solutions, it’s an end-to-end Christian platform for local Coptic business owners.

Grow with COPTICNN’s Marketing Services

We provide additional digital marketing services that deepen trusted relationships with Christian consumers and create lucrative revenue streams for your business. With our skilled team of marketing strategists supporting you as your digital agency, you’ll be able to run a premium marketing service like social media posting, review management, and website creation without over-tasking your internal resources or building costly infrastructure.

We sell. You deliver!

How COPTICNN work with your business

Growing your market requires new customers. New consumers mean more work, which means increased staff. Coptic News Network makes it effortless for you to accept new customers without needing to enlarge your team by efficiently transferring your brand and marketing work to us. Here’s how our Coptic-label social media experts and creative writers work professionally under your brand. Your brand; our COPTICNNIANS team

We work. You sell!

Digital Ads

Let COPTICNN marketing strategists do the heavy lifting as your digital agency! Our team can set up precise geo-targeting, dynamic ads, retargeting, Facebook or Youtube advertising, provide you with proof-of-performance reports, and work to expand your local marketing reach. With our expert staff, your business can grow advertising revenue while you focus on making sales, maintaining relationships, and driving profit.

Native Local Marketing

Create a connection between your local Christian customer and their needs with native clean advertising programs. Our proficient graphic designers and content writers work with you to create a Christian customized advertorial to promote your products or services through content your audience would engage. Our Coptic News Network creates Advertising editorial content resembling the publication they share.

Website Creation

COPTICNN talented web development team can design landing pages, single and multi-page websites, build responsive apps and blogs, or complete e-commerce solutions for you. Just provide the essential information to our skilled team, and we’ll do the works, including the revision process and affordable Pro hosting.

PR Writing and Blog Posting

Establish your organization as a trusted expert in their field with fully-research Press Releases from our talented content team. We create Blog Posts between 300-900 words with each blog contains relatable content, imagery, valued link sources, and focuses on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keyword relevance.

Engaging Social Media Posting

Build your online social brand presence with scheduled social posting packages ready for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Business Profile/Page building services, advanced calendar scheduling, and set up the correct permission settings are also available.

Claiming Business Listing

Incorrect business addresses and accurate online contact information can cost your company a potential market share. COPTICNN marketing strategists can claim local business listings and keep all accurate records maintained, ensuring each contact information is always stays up-to-date.

Contact List Verification

This service is ideal for businesses that self-generate their own weekly or monthly lists of shopper contact information. Working with COPTICNN marketing strategist, your client can submit their contact-lists and request reviews through friendly Customer Voice-Call proof.

Online Reputation Management

Protect your brand’s reputation and boost its star rating with Review Responses. COPTICNN marketing strategists will respond to all claims, online reviews, and consciously correct applicable review sources, monitor negative brand mentions and provides weekly review solicitation.

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