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Curbing Division Within The Church

Driven by fear, there are people who leave the Church and head into schism. They are all filled with prideful peopl...

What Is The Church For? The Tasks [Part 4]

If our congregations are places of discord, tension, and frustration, then we are not living the life of Christ tog...

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Atheists And The Dark Forces

Please, dear ones, pray for me, and for other purveyors of our Christian faith, and who are finding ourselves block...

Overcoming The Struggles Of Impatience, Hopelessness, And Envy.

God is working in the world both through Christ and the angel, therefore when we struggle, we are called to be pati...

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The Coptic World  Development And The 2011 Egyptian Revolution | The Coptic Modern Era

In modern times, waves of Coptic immigration have been motivated by various factors: the revolution and land reform in the 1950s, socialism and wars in the 1960s, and the continued...

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President-Elect Joe Biden Statement Celebrating Orthodox Christmas

I congratulate you on the New Year and on the Feast of Nativity. May God grant a joyous year to all. And unto...

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      Ending Judgement And Cruelty

      We humans are an odd species. We are capable of great sensitivity and compassion, yet can also be capable of much cruelty. I learned that young people are open, if only someone is...

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      Avoiding Hypocrisy And Our Lenten Journey

      We are not compelled to love God, having been created with free will. God does not, nor can He, compel His cre...

      HEALTH | And Beyond

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      Fleshly Lust | Mental Health In The Bible [Part 1]

      Previously, we looked at depression in the Bible specifically. Besides depression, Biblical characters suffered fro...

      An Overthinker’s Guide To Thinking Less

      If only it was easy as getting rid of flies. At least with flies, we know immediately that no good can come, with b...


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      Two Types

      Which type of Christian are you? The first type are part of a Christianity of sacrifice, and the second are given over to the ego. The Lord tells...

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